Lindsay Lohan Back in The News With Alcohol And Drugs Again.

Lindsay Lohan has recently been in the news again and surprise, surprise, it involves her drinking and using drugs again. Even though Lindsay went through rehab recently, she does not appear to have gotten any better and many are saying she may actually have gotten worse with her using alcohol and drugs. There were even reports that while she was in rehab, she tested positive for drugs and was caught having sex with another male patient. Lindsay was first admitted to the rehab center after crashing her car in a high-speed chase and cocaine was found in her possession.

Lindsay's trouble with the law over the last several years has been pretty numerous. She has been found guiltyof possession of cocaine at least two times, along with transporting narcotics and driving under the influence of drugs. Most recently, she was ordered to wear an ankle bracelet after she was reported to be under the influence of at least alcohol and missing her scheduled court appointment. The ankle bracelet will monitor and determine if Lindsay uses either alcohol or drugs which would send her to jail for violating her probation. Along with the ankle bracelet, Lindsay will be required to undergo random drug testings throughout her probation.

There is one problem with the restrictions that Lindsay has been recently subjected to and that is she can still take prescription medication that is prescribed for her by a doctor. And like everybody knows, doctors are more lenient today with prescribing drugs so she will most likely be able to get her hands on something which can be abused. Hopefully, Lindsay has finally learned her lesson and will not even try to obtain any medication while she is on her probation. But, if the past is any indicator of what the future holds for Lindsay, she will again relapse at least with alcohol and drugs.

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