Breaking News Triond Users ..! If You Wana 1000S Views a Day..!

As it starts up, you will see a user interface (U.I.) appear with Triendster written at the top, a left white column, a right white column, and a temporarily blank centre large column, that will get filled with the Triond home page. Again, you must be logged into Triond previously with the Remember Me check box checked (see Green Text above)

2: Go to any Triond page (profile, user pages, your dashboard even) using the centre window. It MUST be on a Triond.com subpage e.g.

/explore/users This is where the true power of Triendster starts to kick up in high gear. It can parse Triond HTML/Javascript really quickly to find REAL people that might be interested in your articles and referral satellites.

Choose a starting location that will provide a targeted audience for your articles! Changing where you start will determine the quality of your traffic, as you want to target people that will be truly interested in what you say!

Once on a Triond subpage (see above), click Find Friends on this Page. And wait until it completes. You will know when its done by the message a the top, or when the left hand white column fills with peoples names! In the random start page we started with, we found 21 potential new fans (see image below)!

3: Dig for more, or request these! After filling up the white hand column in Step 2 (above), you have two choices: (1) Requesting them to be your fan, or (2) Digging for more fans using their fan bank. If you chose (1), you have the potential to earn that many new fans right away. Part (2) can dig up hundreds more for you to add. For the purpose of this tutorial, lets do (2) so you can see how quickly and LARGE this list can become. Usually, a user will do (1) and THEN (2) right afterwards. But lets stick with just (2) for now, since you are new and want to see this puppy move!

Watch it go, and when its done, look how many more there are at level 2! In our example, we found 266 tier 2 REAL PEOPLE fans.

After getting the second level friends and you will again know when its done by watching the message at the top and seeing the right hand white column fill up you will see some duplicates! That is because different people show up in different places, and sometimes more than once. We need to clean the list when its done. So click CLEAN IT!

4: Now we want to get the Tier 2 fans over so we can Request them too! By clicking Swap it you will move all several hundreds or thousands (millions?) of potential new fans to the left hand column. Now you can click Request These and it will request EVERYONE in that list. Afterwards, you can Parse another second level friends from the new left side!

You can picture the Triond fan base like a tree. Triendster works its way through the tree with you directing it! Keep working your way further and further, building a more massive list and requesting them. Dont worry, Triendster wont spam them, and it wont request a user more than once!

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