News For The Playstation Network Outage Anonymous Says They Didn't Do it This Time

If you love to play games on your PlayStation 3, you know that the PlayStation 3 suffered from a major outage on Friday. If you try to clock on and play online games, your PS3 clocks you back out, if you check to see what is wrong, the PS3 network tells you they are performing maintenance. While the outage began Friday April 22, the problems with the PlayStation 3 network have been off and on for weeks now.

Some people claimed that "Anonymous" hacked into Sony's network and shut down PS3 for the weekend. Both my nephews told me this story, so I investigated and this is what I found;"For Once We Didn't Do It--- Sony's PlayStation Network, its online service for PlayStation 3 and its PlayStation Portable consoles, suffered from a major outage today; which is on-going as of this writing. According to Sony's blog, the interruption in service may last into the long weekend - for at least another "full day or two". Sony released a statement through its EU blog, saying that the network outage may be a result of "targeted behavior by an outside party", brining in the possibility of cyber-attacks. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the message has since been removed. While it could be the case that other Anons have acted by themselves AnonOps was not related to this incident and takes no responsibility for it. A more likely explination is that Sony is taking advantage of Anonymous ' previous ill-will towards the company to distract users from the fact the outage is acutely an internal problem with the companies servers. TL:DR Sony is incompetent." (Anonymous) All Credit goes to Anon News.Org

This information comes directly from the Anonymous website where they deny causing the troubles all of us are having with our PlayStation 3 systems. The only thing Anonymous admits to is that some of their Anon's are working on their own to mess up Sony's PS3 network.

Regardless, the PlayStation 3 network remains unavailable on this Easter Sunday April 24, 2011. Hopefully Sony will get their act together soon and make it possible for gamers to play online games on the PS3 network soon. My children are on Spring Break this week and my son is drooling for the chance to play online games again soon.

I am not affiliated with PS3 or anonymous, I play games on the PlayStation 3 system because I enjoy online games. As a gamer, I don't believe we should suffer because of this situation. Anonymous is angry at Sony because they monitor everybody's IP address when they play games on their PS3 network. I don't like this either because it seems to be too big brother like to me. On the other hand, Sony does not charge to use their online service and they also monitor for cheaters and hackers.

Now we all know why we cannot play online games on the PlayStation 3 network and all of it leads back to Sony. Sony has either been hacked and is being held hostage by Anons working on their own or Sony's network is a complete mess because Sony is incompetent. PlayStation 3 players and fans sit here waiting for our systems to reboot. Many of us are tired of turning on the system only so see PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance.



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