Nokia App Development Trends - Going Up!

Symbian OS has the second highest selling smart phone applications on the heels of iPhone apps. Nokia phones are not just only phones but comprehensive functions-laden gadget featuring e-book readers, music player, GPS device etc, depending on the apps that are functional in the phone. A lot of themes, games, music titles, sports, news apps are made for the OS.

Symbian mobile application development is made similar to the concept of desktop operating systems and is also largest mobile application succeeding Java. 43.5% of the smartphone market share is captured by the Symbian OS.

Much has changed in the whole process of Symbian app development. Nowadays, the development process is universal nowadays. The developers are actually confused to take a pick with a large set of programming languages that they should prefer and take up. On the other hand, a Symbian developer can choose from C++, .NET, Python, Java ME, Ruby, etc.
With so many options for development of apps, Symbian application developers can take up a language that they are comfortable with. The Symbian version of C++ is complex and handles memory management in a difficult way, which is quite complex for average developers. To create apps with a higher level language is extremely tedious too. Fortunately, other platforms which are on top of the Symbian OS provide varied types of application level programming potential.

Depending on the features of the app and its attributes, the developers choose their Nokia app development strategy. To use higher level languages would mean more and more memory being eaten up which can actually slow down execution. Graphics and animations would halt the system to a standstill.

There are a huge amount of development choices available because of the comprehensive offshore market which possesses developers of almost of all languages. Nokia app development companies prefer to keep things simple and focus on the development strategy. Most prefer to reuse their code and features especially so that they can concentrate on the core app and try to overcome Symbian's memory management hurdles.

Attention is to be paid as to the marketability factor of those applications which are intended to be made. The audience expectations are of primary importance. The main objectives of the app have to be underlined and one should make sure that security issues do not crop during Nokia app development.

This results in a huge saving in the development cost and also does not take up unnecessary effort. Each and every company has their own Nokia app development strategy and always tries to amplify the benefits of the platform which are:
Seamless and effective for hand held devices
Boosts memory of the handset

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