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2009 9 14 the formal approval of the State Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce of Shenzhen to create quot the first country Electronic Business Model City quot once again usher in the development of new opportunities in Shenzhen September 19 the Shenzhen Evening News reports Guangdong 15 departments would be located Network The spokesman marking and even Shenzhen Guangdong Province has begun to vigorously promote the development of e commerce November 16 21 on the 11th China Hi Tech Fair held in Shenzhen which means that Shenzhen will demand in order to enhance industry competitiveness expanding urban development space as the core closely around the city 39 s main task of a model to play the role of regional radiation and the national model to explore the development model of electronic commerce with Chinese characteristics br br To allow universal access to applications business e commerce in China do It is understood that the Shenzhen Jianhua Porte r Network Technology Co Ltd developed PT37 www PT37 com intelligent e business information platform for public incubator specializing in regional cities industrial parks physical mall building entities the industry enterprises households and individual users to build their own independent hatching quot intelligent e commerce transaction information portal platform quot that quot Trading Portal intelligent robot quot the industry to achieve business personal use of e universal access business information thus easy to B2B business to business B2C Business to Consumer C2C person to person C2B personal business e commerce transactions anytime anywhere B2E business to house staff E2B internal staff on business B2H business customers H2B Customer to Business integration integrated management Xpress butt free online quot e government quot in C2G about the Government G2C Government to the individual B2G Business to Government G2B government to business e government services so as to realize a one stop e commerce information technology operations boosting China 39 s enterprise e business information revolution The hatching pattern of subversion of the traditional concept of e business applications of information technology network cloud level in the future where huge amounts of data resources to smart shopping guide passive mode of operation of the robot can not replace the manual workload and work to achieve a comprehensive national universal application of modern e commerce information PT37 Shenzhen E commerce has become a rising quot new forces quot br br In addition PT37 build their own e commerce information platform is very convenient just as simple as we registered mail corporate customers as long as the platform for PT37 registered members real names can be conditional upon the relevant levels of membership to become an instant will have an autonomous management of quot e commerce transaction information portal platform quot Making business anyt ime anywhere blossoms freely in business management information e business information market the actual situation synchronous trading Not only reduces the expansion of the high cost but also makes the mall and business transactions can be vertical to reduce intermediate links and increase the transparency of information to gain time increase capital turnover rate save a huge amount of publicity costs and administrative expenses br br PT37 greatly promoted the technical innovation of e business PT37 responsible person PT37 achieve personal internal management information and external transactions seamless docking portal through the application of intelligent shopping guide robot integrated Internet resources behind the liberation of the traditional manual way reflect the man machine dialogue and depth of services to intelligent search information gathering conducted release issued order match transactions and integrated services the implementation does not cross platform sol ution on the one stop intelligent personalized e business information needs and services so that line industry sector individuals companies can diffuse e commerce and management information br br Shenzhen was the birthplace of the domestic Internet companies and gathering place 2000 years ago 60 of domestic Internet companies registered in Shenzhen In the enterprise network Ming Wan Mei Shangwang CDC headquarters was located in Shenzhen today Baidu South China Headquarters Global Sources China operations headquarters carefree future operational headquarters in China the corporate headquarters network in South China Ming million Network South headquarters PT37 headquarters are located in Shenzhen br br Finance Crisis in the new economic model and structural remodeling of the environment the country at 100 million different types of enterprises need to upgrade e business applications of information PT37 e commerce information platform for the emergence of public hatching chang ed the business e commerce limited to online transactions online promotion of the view make the Internet into a tool from one channel to the internal management system and external e commerce system for organic The open up and blending together to accelerate the promotion of traditional enterprises small and medium enterprises realize the process of e commerce information revolution

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