How to Find, Read And Watch The News Online

Make your home page a site with the headlines on it. Many sites have news, financial and sports headlines on the home page. Sometimes the financial and sports headlines are the hard news headlines. Sites like Google, MSN and Yahoo have news. Also, you can make your homepage a site like CNN, ABC, CBS or MSNBC. They are easy to find. The address is for instance, That will bring you to the ABC network's main page, then you can click on news or headlines and make it your home page.

Download an RSS Feed Reader. RSS translates into "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". RSS Readerswill feed you immediate results for what is being posted on the web and in the news. Publishers use them to decide what they are going to print and put on their websites in terms of news headlines, sports, and financial business news. When you get a feed reader and use it, you are getting news as it happens. They list blogs, news, and audio and video posts from major sources.

To get a feed reader, download from one of the following sites.



For Mac,





To get video and audio news that is a little older, you can always visit sites like youtube.com. There are a lot of good citizen journalists out there just waiting to tell you about the latest news item of your interest. You can also visit all of the TV news network sites, like MSNBC, Fox or CNN for a comprehensive listing of video/audio clips.

When you find a news item of interest you can find more reports on the subject by typing it into a search engine. Google has a news button at the top of their search page. When you type in your item of interest, you will get only news reports at the Google news site. Other search engine sites will sift out news stories for you, too.

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