Reading The News Might be a Good Idea

News refers to the events and incidents taking place around us. It may be about something happening in our neighbourhood or it may be about something happening thousands of miles away. The following paragraphs dwell on the reasons why reading the news might be a good idea.

Primarily, news is designed to provide and disseminate information. Whether it is a volcanic eruption in Iceland or the results of the FIFA Football World Cup 2010, newspapers and news sites provide us up to date information on a broad range of topics.

Often while giving a speech or preparing an essay or a report, one is required to provide examples to support ones arguments and viewpoint. Reading the news can provide a lot of such examples. Picking up examples that are fresh in the public mind can add great impact on essays and speeches. And using the appropriate news events as examples will ensure that they will resonate with the target audience.

News makes people aware of the world around them and helps them to know and understand more about different regions of the world. It often has interesting and useful information about other countries, cultures and communities. It may also help people to figure out how events in other parts of the world might directly or indirectly impact their lives.

Various modes of popular entertainment such as movies, songs, TV shows, books and comic strips often make direct or indirect references to various issues and news events. Reading the news can help people to understand the context of such movies, songs, etc. better.

Newspapers and news sites provide us opportunities to share our opinions with the help of letters and comments. This way, we can express our reaction to a particular news article. This helps to understand what people living in different parts of the world feel about a particular subject.

Often, we get to read inspiring stories in the news. Such stories can make us feel better and even inspire us in the long run. The Great News Network is a site which reports only positive news from around the world.

Reading newspapers and going through news sites can also help us to improve our spellings and grammar, since such sources are unlikely to have spelling and/or grammatical errors. This can help us to develop our language skills.

Here are links to a few news sites.



Google News


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