The News Paper Publication

The News Paper is an unbound publication issued at regular intervals. The News Paper intends to inform, influence,or entertain the readers. Although it can be published at various intervals, these papers usually appears weekly of appears daily.

It was estimated that there are about 60,000 News Papers that exist worldwide with the combined circulation of 500 million. However, the readership of these papers is probably 3 times because they are shared. Sometimes some of these News Papers are posted and some were placed in public places such as in the libraries. An estimated of 8,000 News Papers are served daily worldwide.

News Paper Industry requires well qualified Journalist. It has a Managing Executive called the Publisher or Director. These Managing Executives or Directors might be the owner of the News Paper or the one who is responsible for its own success.

It also has Content Managers. They are often called as editors. Content Managers or Editors are the one who supervise the preparation of News and other editorial features.

A News Paper also have Reporters. The Reporters usually are responsible for gathering and presenting the news. They also sometimes write the news column.

There is also a need in Photographers and Cartoonist and some other Artist. An advertising staff are also necessary, they are the one who sell, write and design the advertisement for the News Paper.

There are many technological advancement now a days that greatly change the procedures of News Paper production, from printing to the design and others.

The Germans were the one who pioneer the News Paper production in Europe. The forerunners of news papers was published in 15th century, in Nuremberg, Cologne and Hapsburg. In the 16th and 17th century, there were rudimentary News Papers in Germany. It also appeared in Europe. Venice in 1562, in low countries in 1616, Britain in 1620 and France in 1631.

In America, the first News Paper that was published was called Publick Occurencies Both Foreign and Domestic, existed in the year 1690, but this paper appeared only once.

It was the Boston News Letter who appeared in the year 1704, became the first regularly published.

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