Using Two of the Features of Google: Google Maps and Google News

Both Google Maps and Google News are found at the top of the Google home. They are blue links.

Google Maps is the map search feature of Google. Usually, the Google Maps information is fairly accurate, but sometimes it presents inaccurate information. Since users can obtain textual directions and a road map, it is best to have both the textual directions and the road map. That way, if there is an error or something is unclear on one map, the other source can be used. It doesnt usually hurt to consult the satellite map as well.

Users can add a map to their own site with Google Maps. Its called the Map Content Partner Program. If interested in the Map Content Partner Program, consult the Google Maps site; certain terms and conditions apply. There is also a help forum for Google Maps.

Google News is a search index for news. Whether Google News is an improvement over the Orwellian days of broadcast and cable TV is debatable, but it seems to be, at least while there are other search engines that offer news features. The sea of blogs on the web offer a variety of opinion. Many facts not available in the mainstream press can be found in blogs or websites that are off the beaten path.

Some of the news services that are represented on Google News are BBC, Reuters, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN, and many newspapers such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Google News returns results from more obscure news sources as well, such as the Chippewa Herald, Politico, the AFP, Aljazeera.net, and dBTechno.

Google News has Top Stories, World, U.S. and Business News, as well as Science/Technology News, Entertainment News, Sports News, Health News, Spotlight News, and Most Popular News.

For the Orwellian inclined, YouTube News has video news.

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