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A few days ago, IT professional education leading brand in Peking University APTECH held in Beijing after the theme of "master talents, open the future direction of the workplace" the news conference, released after the grand bachelor teacher training course. Beijing university, China electronic commerce association, zhilian zhaopin, tick group were represented at the ceremony. IT is reported this part, the division APTECH postgraduate training course not only alleviate the launch of the current social talents shortage present situation, and will IT talent cultivation mode into the diversified development era.

After a bachelor added newcomer, division course appear

According to introducing this part, the brand is after APTECH bachelor's business elite talents training for the purpose, specifically for college students of the open exclusive course. And the division of Peking University course as a blue after the new members of the family a bachelor, will continue this tradition, and using the same brand of advanced after bachelor all online education mode.

Conference this part, the relevant person in charge of APTECH introduced in detail the division course. From the curriculum content perspective, the division course includes foundation, website construction, , search engine promotion, and other modules. At the same time for learners to set the SEO, , and other training project, even including the latest micro Po marketing project, and strive to make learners feel the real industry.

In addition, the division in the course is also equipped with COT workplace etiquette training, let learners can work in the workplace atmosphere before you feel, ShenTong "workplace the way of existence". It is reported, through the division after the training course, learners will be proficient in web site planning, promotion, search engine marketing, micro Po marketing, BBS marketing, EDM marketing etc many skills, and you can do all kinds of industry , work.

The the market is popular, Peking University to cultivate birds "core talents"

Now, along with the enterprise competition from traditional mode to electronic business model transformation gradually, the state began developing electronic business strategy, to promote the brand and the competitive power of enterprise to the important role of general knowledge get, more make enterprise seek, reserves talent enthusiasm to an all-time high.

In fact, the China electronic commerce association chief has forecast: over the next 10 years, the division will become the most popular high salary of the profession. However, at present, data shows, the talents the imbalance of supply and demand situation becomes: as much as 76% more small and medium-sized enterprise said very need talents to join us.

And the state called on magnetic resonance frequency and solve the enterprise talents shortage realistic difficult problems this part, the APTECH launched a bachelor at this time after the division course is urgently needed. As a result of the "reverse course" design principle, not only makes the case, relative to course Internet environment for talents and the demand of The Times, and course knowledge structure and the enterprise need synchronization, professional and comprehensive breadth with depth.

Peking University APTECH birds " division, the creation of course, not only benefit to enhance the students ability to work, increase employment opportunities, more for enterprises shall provide help, enhance the brand value and competitiveness.

IT talents training a diversified development this part, the strategic transformation will be

In addition to the market of effective transmission of excellent talents outside, the Peking University APTECH birds "bachelor division after the release of course in a certain extent also means that Peking University APTECH birds" training strategy transformation of quietly.

In the new period of the information industry over instant turn environment, more fields and the relationship between the IT industry increasingly close, the IT industry is gradually becoming the many other the field of IT always service provider, at the same time, IT professionals in the IT field needs not only with deep skills, need more widely to related subject range domain, there has to be enough to know that.

And training institutions as IT industry talents conveying base, have the responsibility to have the obligation to conform to the industry and talent training trend, will focus on a single skill areas IT before the training mode, to create new knowledge of the 21 st century IT professionals.

IT is reported this part, the issuance of the postgraduate APTECH division course, not only inherited the previous training for enterprise development personnel and technology level IT added advantage, but also to take the lead in open for the cultivation of network and deep penetration of the real marketing type compound talents precedent. It provides for learners to expand all subject areas of interdisciplinary training opportunities. Be trainers can not only master traditional IT professional skills, more can IT and marketing will double skill mastery, flexible applications.

Experts predict, diversity training direction will become IT talents mainstream market, in the future, the IT industry personnel training category will be broader than ever before, training strategy will also become more flexible and open, connotation is far more abundant.

Perhaps this part, the division after APTECH bachelor of the course will be released IT talents training transformation of the starting point, the whole industry will IT training to adapt to the development of the Internet, conform to the economic competition pattern and carries on the strategic adjustment, IT training industry will once again be a win-win enterprises and talents of the wave.

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