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With changing progressing time and technology mankind is presented with such options that were never there before, this is where you are to know that a leading advance language technology expert known as Sakhr has introduced their new application Johaina which is to provide the next level of translation service to help respective users.Yes this is true, Johaina enables its users to monitor the news service, in this very feature Johaina scans hundreds of Arabic and English news sites for the news bites that an individual user has selected their area of interest such as news targeting Middle East region. You can benefit from such an application that reads you Arabic news in English.Keeping you up-to-date for the Middle East region with the public opinion and government policies making you are for sure keeping all the aspects covered by such an innovative unique option that allows you easy, user-friendly navigation through the areas of interest which you wish to seek more reg ular updates and any information / news available.All the aspects gathered with a powerful effective Machine Translation Technology is what Sakhr Software utilize to output such an entertaining / useful use of its capabilities to convert the Arabic articles to English articles, thus allowing non-Arabic speaking users to search and select the very article / news of their choice to use for their advantage.With a powerful search engine especially designed to search and locate all the possible news sites that are not only authentic but also a reliable source for information to acquire news releases. All this is made even better within your very language as Johaina is a round the clock operative system that seeks useful resources among hundreds of news sites such as online press sites, news sites & news portals.Not many are aware of Johaina an Arabic news in English service that allows you to achieve the very aspects of news that can be read and understood if presented in the sam e language but due to powerful innovation of Sakhr Software this very application can be used on your hand held device such as iPhone & iPad with a simple touch of a button you are to stay update.Johaina is programmed to provide you the very best and this is all done by smart technology that is able to collect, classify, categorize, archive and display news from reliable sources, news sites more than 500 currently are scanned and searched for you to acquire the very best of the Middle East one stop news station, that is why we call Johaina a complete set of information / news in your very own language.Select your choice of interest and the category will be more prominent and displayed after compiling all the latest relevant information available. Your choice of category selection can be any from political statements to government policies or sports or weather updates that are required by you, set your priorities to receive and update your horizons for information.

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