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Thanks to the internet, getting information of any kind is not a challenge as it was a few years back. More and more news sites are being set up to help the public get all the latest news. However, setting up a news website is not an easy task as many may think because other than the channel, you need reporters who are stationed in all parts of the country so as to supply the newsroom with latest news which will then be posted online for the readers allover India and beyond to access. Therefore, there are key things a news site should have if it is going to play a role when it comes to increasing social awareness.

A news site should be all inclusive. We are living in a society that is becoming increasingly aware of what is going around and there are a many sites that are keeping the country updated with the latest news. A site aiming to increase social awareness should tackle all the major aspects of news in India. It should go beyond the news headlines kind of reporting by including other issues that will keep readers on the site for longer. It should be a one stop site for all the latest news, Bollywood news and so on.

The news site should strive to be unique. In any business, there has to be that one point that makes your business stands out from the rest. It is imperative that the site developers finds that one thing and build the news site around it. If it is creating social awareness, site developers should do more than posting news headlines and include other things like sports, social issues, problems facing the society as a whole and so on. These are some the things that will make the site unique and attract huge traffic because people who like to read about real social issues as the stories touch them.

It is imperative that the site be credible. Seeing as you will be aiming to increase social awareness with the stories you post online, you should endeavor to post nothing but the truth. The quickest way of losing readers is by feeding them lies in form of news. Just like a newspaper, crosscheck with your sources more than once to make sure that all the facts are correct before updating the latest news page. Credibility will play a vital role when it comes to increasing social awareness as people will believe what they read on your site.

When setting up a latest news site include fun stuff. Do not just focus on the information aspect of journalism. Include entertainment as it is equally important seeing as most internet users are young people. Include Bollywood news pieces, entertaining videos, sports news and so on. This will attract many readers who will then get information about other serious aspects of life. In the current world where more and more people are less interested in hard latest news, info-entertainment is the way to go if social awareness is to be increased.

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