9 Creative Ways To Incorporate Stock Video

There are lots of needs for video clips in today's world that adds depth, impact, meaning and even levity to a wide variety of productions. Having stock videos available to help put together any size of production, from the short 5 minute presentation to the blockbuster thrillers at the theater, enables the producer to fill in areas with low cost, or no cost video that meets every need they could have. The list of ways to incorporate stock video in a production is virtually limitless, but here's a quick list of a few ideas.

1)Use them in business presentations to catch the eye. Anything sports related or fast animals works here

2)Using historical clips either directly in a movie projects where historical news footage can pinpoint a timeframe or an era, or as a background item like a TV playing a news clip from the 50's or 60's to specify a year
3)If you're doing anything sports related, there are literally millions of hours of stock footage available from any sport and any level

4)Scenery shots from the mountains to the beach, from cities to the country, from the ground or from outer space, every inch of the Earth is available

5)Animal documentaries on virtually every animal available from elephants to birds

6)Environmental documentaries showing everything from clean air and water to the most offensive pollution ever dreamed of

7)HDTV promotional videos on virtually every topic from close-up ski jumps through high speed jet boats

8)Kiosk video presentations to sell virtually everything from earrings to real estate

9)Promo videos for your website

All told, this list could go on pretty much forever. For every genre of video, stock footage is available and quite a bit of it is royalty free footage. That means you don't have to pay anyo ne for the rights to use it in your production, whether you use the entire clip or just a few seconds, and you don't have to pay anyone to broadcast or distribute it. There are as many examples of royalty free video as there are rights managed stock, so getting what you need is a breeze.

Regardless of your needs, whether you're adding a really impactful spin on a business proposal, a promotional video to sell anything or everything, or you're a film maker doing a documentary or even a drama or thriller, you can all sorts of video clips to suit your needs.

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