Free travel apps for the international volunteer

Many travelers are used to a number of applications that come with their cell phones; however there are a good number of volunteers and travelers who have taken to using the Iphone and android phones on their trips. These phones have the advantage of coming with a number of new travel applications that can come in handy to a volunteer abroad, and most of them are free.

Wikitude World Browser

It is an android app, this uses Google maps, Wikipedia and GPS to offer a huge range of information about destinations you visit or plan to work in as a volunteer. It will tell you where public transportation, restaurants as well as sites of interest are located and display the information on a map or on your phone's camera display.

Talk to me

If you are traveling or volunteering abroad and don't feel like spending much time and money studying the language, this is the best application for you. This is a real-time speech translator. Simply say something in English and the translator will speak out the words back to you in your language of choice, helping you to break down cultural barriers and work more at ease with the locals and fellow volunteers who may be from different places around the globe.

Where apps

This is an application which tracks your position by means of GPS and gives you information like the local weather forecast, gas prices, coupons, news, movie show times. This even has a Starbucks locator for all you Java heads. It's the perfect application for a volunteer who feels the need for a personal day just to relax while in a foreign country.

iNap app

When in a foreign place one may not be very comfortable when travelling to a new destination in the region, it therefore becomes a problem to take a nap while travelling, maybe to a new volunteer destination. This application takes care of any fears that you may have that you won't wake up when you reach your destination. The iNap application eradicates those fears by means of GPS and an alarm system to wake you up when you arrive at your stop.

Where and around me

These two apps are free. These two applications may help a volunteer abroad know of whatever is around him/her wherever they are. These applications help you know if there is a police station around the corner, a pharmacy, hospital or even the nearest cultural site or landmark that may be of interest to the volunteer.

Packing Iphone app

It is not free and costs the traveler or volunteer 0.99$. This application is best for a busy volunteer who is always on the move. While one is constantly on the move or busy, they may not have enough time t o pack adequately for their trip, sometimes packing may be left till the last minute, this application helps you with a checklist for what you need while travelling abroad. It will also help you with a list of things you need to do before you leave for your trip

Google earth app

This application displays images and Wikipedia information of an area if available. Along with that this app also displays longitude and latitude information and altitudes. Google Earth is used to search for areas or cities and it will give you a choice of results, but one should beware that this application depends on your internet connection wherever you are, but it will be always handy for a traveler or volunteer abroad.

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