How to make Google news display custom news stories on its front page

The Google news website works by aggregating and displaying news stories from other major news sites such as BBC News, CNN, Reuters and PC World. Visit the Google News home page and you will see headlining news stories under several categories; business, world news, health, sports and so on. Excerpts are given for each story and a link to the full article wherever that may be (CNN, BBC etc). You can with a little tweaking make Google news do your bidding and display news stories on its front page that suit your interests.

In the Google news home page on the top right hand side there is a link reading Personalize this Page. Clicking on it will give you a drop down pane with a host of customization options. You can rearrange where the default categories are displayed on the page (e.g. place health news at the top of the page) and add new news categories that fit your taste. Clicking on Local selection lets you type in a city or state and Google will bring you news from that region under a new category heading. Click on custom selection and you can choose to view news that fits any keyword (volcanoes, dolphins, cat balding etc.) you type in.

This is a great way to keep up to date with very specific topics of your choice and bypasses the longer route of typing in keywords into the Google news search engine to view specific topic news articles. Test out a few different keywords to fine tune the results Google comes up with. Your custom news stories will appear in a new section in the page and you can choose to view more stories by clicking on Show more stories at the bottom of each section.

Later, if you get tired of reading news stories about a certain subject you can choose to delete the category.

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