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Beijing time on November 15, news, according to foreign media reports, Google chief Search engineer Matt KaCi (Matt Cutts) Monday in the company announced to the official blog, Google has recently for its Search algorithm adjusted ten of the technology, and in the Inside Search blog posted on the website about these adjustments technical details. It was also the Google was founded, the company announced its search algorithm for the first time part of the technical details.

For years, Google has never publicly disclosed its search algorithm for the technology. From last year, some rival claims that Google alleged abuse in exploring the Internet in the fields of advantage, that is, in the Google search results in the rankings, will Google your products and services in row competitors before. Industry experts say that Google released Monday by the search algorithm adjusted technology, it was only a few data, but for the whole search industry, but the meaning of a thing.

KaCi said on Monday, Google to their search algorithm each year about 500 items technology adjustment, and more recently, the ten of the adjustment, which involves users less language algorithm adjusted, nashiri, something like this language (Swahili) and other languages. KaCi also said Google has set up a file in the Inside Search blog posted on the website for details of the adjustment technology.

In other competitors from after complaints, the federal trade commission (FTC) has to Google search, and other products on antitrust market, to find out whether Google with its market abuse advantage position. Now Google in the global search market share is about 69%. Analysts believe that Google is gradually introduced a variety of products and services, in this company in the source of income will be gradually reduce to text search advertising great dependence.

By FTC antitrust investigation, Google hired 12 home lobby companies. Before this, Google also hired six home lobby companies.

Add: KaCi Monday by writing bowen full text

Usually, we will each year to our search algorithm about 500 items adjustment. We do this is designed to make search business run more smoothly, users don't even notice about change. Today we do this, is to want to let users know what Google search results of the background. Today we in Inside Search website by us over the past week to some of the Search algorithm technical adjustment, these adjustments involves translation, data segment and automatically, etc. If you want to understand these adjustment detailed description and full list, please visit Inside Search blog site on the corresponding bowen.

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