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3 15 recent years Communicate Consumption has been a hot topic by the China Communications Standards Association China Polyethylene Industry Foundation to promote the Foundation organized a common standard Hua News Electronic Enterprise Group Co Ltd and the first video mobile communication in cross strait security summit on March 16 grand opening in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Strait Mobile Payment security technology seminars Zhang Lijun Chairman of the first video Often members of the KMT Taipei Easy Card Card chairman wins Man Celebrities gathered sides often members of the KMT Taipei Easy Card Card chairman straight text often members of the Li Dewei the KMT the KMT Central Committee Wu Zhigang representatives Taipei the KMT Central Committee Mr Anson Chan and full Zhigang Xuhong Ting China Poly Industry Foundation to promote the Foundation Steve Chen a common standard MediaTek Inc Chief Representative of China Liao Qingfeng Hua Cheng chairman of electronic info rmation into the other representatives of China Taiwan to attend the mainland the Taiwan Affairs Office of economic Xu Mang Secretary Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Secretary Press Gallery China Communications Standards Association Secretary General Zhou Baoxin the first video the Group Chairman of the Board Zhang Lijun China Mobile Communications Corporation Technical Manager Miss Liu Fei telecommunications research Hospital Mr Sun Yutao chairman DU Red Dragon flag will wait Participating leaders and guests agreed that the collaboration of cross strait quot creation of China and China quot the perfect combination construct a win win economic and trade cooperation model as the mainland 39 s media and cultural and creative industries and the public good high with Taiwan complementary advantages technology industry a common example of the development of far reaching International Telecommunication Union quot IT U quot 2009 late this year the number of mobile s ubscribers worldwide will reach 4 6 billion This means an average of every 3 people in the world there are two mobile phone users in developed countries many people have multiple phones With the increasing popularity of mobile terminals and mobile phones become more powerful mobile phones as the primary carrier of personal private information of its corresponding cell phone security issues of utmost importance End of the year 2009 the world 39 s leading growth consulting company Frost amp Sullivan published quot China 39 s mobile security market research report quot that the safety of China 39 s mobile phone market will enter a high growth period Gradually increase as the smart phone penetration 3G network improving mobile phone the formation of user surfing habits mobile phone security will become a focus of future applications of mobile terminal The report shows that despite the safety of Chinese mobile phone market is still in the import stage but the rapid development of mobile security market the trend is irreversible the future direction of development has gradually clear Response to the central topic of this meeting the first video released with the security mechanism to Lottery Sell Terminal as the core including entertainment games and other products of the comprehensive integration platform During the meeting first video dragon flags Hua information signed a letter of intent on the safety of mobile lottery business strategic partnership development complement each other and jointly promote the health and safety of mobile lottery business development Longcheer is engaged in research and development of high tech enterprise mobile phone group listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange Hua News e Group is Taiwan 39 s listed companies as China Taiwan launched the first integrated mobile security system of the supply mechanism business the first video is China 39 s largest state owned new media groups the recent development of the rapid develop ment of mobile lottery business

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