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quot CCTV network is still going on share reform this will not be listed quot Enditem Network General Manager Booking System said CCTV network in the market Qianlong Zhejiang online and other 10 central and local news websites as the first selected object landing A shares listed on the expected the CCTV network for its profitability and diversified business are considered to be the most likely the first listing Alleged that 10 sites are the CCTV network People Xinhua Qianlong LONDON Enorth Dazhong Voices of line Zhejiang and Sichuan Online online The industry will be the site into two camps one People 39 s Network Xinhua CCTV network three central sites and the other led by the government to conduct an independent business operating under the Qianlong LONDON etc The central Web site to be a breakthrough business model People 39 s Network CCTV network Xinhua three national central sites are considered the first echelon Army was recognized as a leading analyst may take the lead in public In addition to the authoritative status of the site itself on its profitability these seem better than the central site According to insiders PRC PRC income of 300 million yuan last year while Advertisement Revenue growth in the past two years has reached 100 quot Real income may have more than the data 39 s Network is different from other commercial sites in addition to advertising revenue as well as funding from the government quot Currently under construction said the person specialized agency to co ordinate the People 39 s Daily and the People 39 s Network ads business Upcoming merger with the national network CCTV television network is also optimistic about its profitability Booking System said the CCTV network has been consistently profitable years Rumors that the CCTV network by virtue only of the Olympic broadcast rights to access to over 400 million yuan revenue 2010 Soccer World Cup the occasion of war once again the CCTV network resources with its u nique new media broadcast rights for the World Cup from Booking disclosed that enable rights CCTV network recorded 500 million yuan this year of which 2 3 from the copyright transfer However these central sites also face Sina Sohu Netease Tencent traditional portal pressure Although the central site and several traditional portal content convergence in the news but very different sources of income the traditional gateway to the online gaming and other non advertising revenues dominant According to Sina Sohu Netease full financial report released in 2009 more than half of the revenue from games Sohu Netease and about 9 percent of the revenue from the game The same time the portal has been established influence in the user group and has assumed a very high traffic levels Golden State Securities analyst Mao Zhengrong that the media industry the central site is also a need to find their own profit model the homogenization of content alone insufficient to support the demand for p rofit Booking System also noted that businesses need to roll out the CCTV network and explore business model The embarrassment of the local portal Halo head than the central site where many sites dim light Qianlong LONDON and other independently operated local portal site although the shareholding system has been completed the establishment of an independent company of operating system but still can not ignore its geographical limitations Some analysts pointed out because the website without any geographic restrictions and local portals still can not and Sina Sohu Netease and other portals to contend Qianlong of registered users is 200 million websites on views PV over 25 million Although it has news and information wireless value added broadband content technical service four core businesses but the content of the advertising revenue from the service they can not and Sina Sohu and other portals through hundreds of millions of page views compared to the attractiveness for ad vertisers clearly smaller Quote from the ad can see the difference According to Qianlong had announced in 2009 ad quotes show that the top surface Qianlong Web banner ads are charged 24 000 yuan per day while in Sina the same location of the advertising charges for up to 400 000 yuan Local media industry the decrease in competitiveness Statistics show that in 2009 Qianlong Zhejiang online and in the world rankings LONDON respectively 1277 1334 1501 bit In 2007 Qianlong Sur LONDON and Zhejiang line four sites had also entered the world 39 s top ranked 1000 Analyst who asked not to be named pointed out that the commitment of local government news Web site of political functions to have the qualifications listed on the need restructuring to increase the number of commercial functions leading to government information release platform and two positioning business websites difficult to balance quot In fact technology news Web site not listed I am more concerned about is that some news sites going to do after raising funds investors are not expected quot In administrative funding the wave of the trend local portals are looking for their way out through the integration of media and government resources to the formation of the mother including source value Electronic Government Mobile Reported that e commerce business but pointed out that these are the contents of the edge structure of the business profit model is unclear unstable income it is difficult to reverse the news site operators make ends meet put into the precarious situation Click here for more exciting information

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