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Publishing information is the publishing enterprises using modern computer network and information technology, the depth of existing resources to develop and publish widely used to meet the needs of the new century readers the whole process. The process of publishing information is also published business innovation process, which brings the process of publishing companies in the business of digital, integration, intelligence and networking, the way the traditional fundamental changes in publishing, promoting economic growth and improve production efficiency and modernization enterprise management. Information content of the publishing industry: "track and adapt to information technology, editing, publishing, printing, marketing, export and import of supplies process, the active use of modern means of information technology through the use of computer management systems, to achieve publication industry, enterprises and institutions and internal management information; with network technology and the Internet to realize the transmission of business information publishing and sharing, exploration and development of publishing industry E-commerce ... ... Print publishing segments important part of the decision of the publications directly molding process. Construction of China's printing industry information has been the concern of the industry, both in theory and practice have made no small achievement. Construction of the first printing of information requested in all printing business for computer applications and networks that the various business applications in the printing has fully embodied. An electronic course of development of digital printing technology Chinese printing technology in the late 20th century, great changes have taken place to achieve the printing industry's "Second Revolution", said goodbye to the "lead and fire" era. When the man entered the information age, science and technology to promote the tremendous progress of printing technology to update the printing process. In particular, computer technology and network technology, variable printing technology and equipment makes maturing of digital printing technology, integration, intelligence and networking technologies have matured. Based on electronic digital printing and publishing technology development experience from the production of electronic publications, publishing editorial integration, printing and network integration to the press and publication process. The development process may be summarized as follows: Production of electronic publications: text entry, page layout, laser photo-typesetting, image scanning, high-end networking, image processing and page make-up and other desktop publishing in color on. Of the 20th century's electronic color separation apparatus 50 to achieve the image information processing and Digital Electronics; 70 years of computer-based text input text layout system implements an electronic information processing and digital. editorial published in the integration: the printing of information gathering, organizing, sending, output management, personnel administration, distribution management, complete one-stop service. Automatic Control 70's offset press ink control system is to achieve a microcomputer of the electronic offset and digital; the late 70's electronic page make-up system to achieve the unity of the digital graphic information processing. print integration: relevant organizations, to launch PPF, JDF and other implements prepress, printing and finishing process management and process control information exchange, so that all aspects of the printing process the information and financial, accounting, MIS effective integration of information to realize the whole process of printing computer integrated management. 20-80s finishing machinery of the progressive realization of a digital control; 80 mid-color desktop publishing prepress processing system to achieve a u nity of microcomputer graphic information processing. Press Publishing Network: news publishing network application to traditional media, such as books, newspapers, journals and other forms of print media, electronic, digital, a rapid increase in the number of electronic media. 90 years of the 20th century through the computer network of information collection, presentation, delivery and output of centrally. [Huang Kaiqing. Construction of China's publishing industry information reviewed. Publishing Sciences, 2002 Supplement]

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