Submit Video Press Release With Mpg or Avi Movie File Attachment

If you plan to extend your company news, personal internet article or author blog with short video rollick, here we would like to give you guidelines. Press releases in some cases could be placed to trusted internet media sites for free and, considering this fact, you can beef up your internet page rank, improving SEO or head out of such traps as google sandbox, for example

1. PR header. Here you should incorporate few of your keywords as well as make this name very natural. Press Release typically allows you to make its header longer than the header in article or weblog
2. Introduction. Here you should continue adding your keywords. Plus this introduction section typically is copied via RSS feeds to news announcing web sites. Considering these facts, you may decide to make your introduction a bit intriguing, encouraging readers to read the main section of your video news

3. Author or company logo. If this is just photo, then BMP or JPEG should do the job. However if this is clipart or something which should slide over background graphical image, the make it GIF

4. Main Section. Consider enumerated paragraphs, as in this publication, or open each paragraph with bullet. In main section, as SEO strategy, consider placing exact keywords combinations

5. Video file attachment. Here the question is about video file format. Considering modern PC screen resolution to be in average 1024x768 (try to be conservative and do not expect people surfing from public libraries use wide screens), please consider making your movie clip resolution something like 320x240, and deploy either MPG or AVI

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