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Beijing time May 20, according to foreign media reports news on Thursday to newspaper publishers, Google, says will cease to continue to implement the "news archive" project, but for existing digital news archive continue to provide support. This project has been implemented for five years, Google has accumulated scanned the 60 million pages, covering 250 years history.

On Thursday the newspaper publisher sent in an E-mail, Google said its "News Archive" (News Archive) project will stop to receive, scanning and index newspaper archives material, Google will focus on "for this industry has helped new projects, such as Google a-one Pass project, the platform help vendor through their website directly to sell content and accept subscription.

Google five years ago started the "news archive" project, which aims to old newspapers stored for digital version, the same similar to Google in Books effort. As Google news archive part of the project, to Google provide newspaper, vendor to Google is scanning the newspapers and the index, establishing digital archives. Google and newspaper publishers to these files are divided into revenue page views. Google said the final project has scanned the 60 million pages, covering 250 years history.

This is a fun project, such as the user can find out about British Sex Pistols band in 1978 from America's last concert 21 reports, can even find since 1860. Some of the news reports since

But some newspaper complained that, after Google in rapid scanning for these files processing speed too slow. For example the newspaper Phoenix to Google provides coverage decades of newspapers material, but only a small part of successful online.

For lots of papers, especially difficult to pay high cost of small file scanning for Google news, newspaper archives project is beneficial for Google, which is favorable. In addition, the project can provide a window, make people see the era before the Internet newspaper.

Archives online will often lead to copyright disputes, but in news archive project, Google and released no pure text information, but also provides direct search the whole newspaper page image files, and avoids and freedom of copyright disputes between the.

It is reported, in order to distinguish the ancient newspaper print and microfilming Google had the handwriting, use Google maps technology to decoding. But because newspapers layout, there are large and complex than jumping, therefore column books more difficult to index. This requires a lot of human or strict calculation method.

Google did not reveal why stop news archive project, but can guess, maybe this process than Google expected, or more difficult to attract attention these files page below expectations.

The vendor in the Google mail, said, will continue to have to scan and index files support. Google says: "but we didn't plan for digital news product launch new function or services." Google already scanning newspapers would finish the index process is still deserves further attention.

Google and partner agreements signed between the initial purchase regulation, Google has scanned in the future the newspaper when digital content to pay. But now Google has abandoned the charges. Google is not only for the newspaper publishers offer free these scans, and allow them to file together with other partners issued these content. That is to say, in the whole news archive project implementation process, Google just scanned the newspaper industry provide lots of content, then will the content to the vendor.

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