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Recently, the central committee of the CCP about to deepen reform of the cultural system to promote socialist cultural development and prosperity of certain major issue decision points out: support a number of key news site to speed up development, build a batch of both at home and abroad and have a stronger influence comprehensive web site and special website, play a major commercial website construction effect, the training of a batch of network content production and service backbone enterprise. State-owned news web sites listed again paid attention.

It is reported, the release of the government's 10 home last year state-owned listed news sites, including people net, xinhua net, CCTV nets three central news websites, and DongFangWang, northern nets, QianLongWang, public nets, zhejiang online, sichuan online and hua sheng seven local key house online news sites. But, 1 years, the site also no on the stock market. On October 24, media reports, the People's Daily, xinhua news agency and the central television news sites may be under the first listed, regulators have been approved.

Chinese people's university press, vice President of the college professor YuGuoMing told China economic times reporters, now the biggest network discourse is not official, and in your business web site, compared with commercial websites, state-owned news website influence public opinion is relatively low, the website active degree and flow rate index difference, state-owned news web sites listed state-owned news website is to strengthen the discourse right.

An adviser ShenZheYan told Chinese culture industry researcher economic times, state-owned news web sites listed is a definite advantage. First of all, the state-owned news site has authority, the brand of credibility; Second, most state-owned news site to assume the role of public opinion guide and grasp the many government resources, so small obstacles for examination and approval; Finally, the current policy strongly support culture industry development, the news website through the turn of promoting its listed enterprises opportunity industry develop rapidly.

YuGuoMing think, state-owned news web site can be through increased revenue source listed enterprise, expanding the scale, more important is, can benefit from business partners, CanGuFang terminals, content, clients DuoZhong resources.

Explore operation mode

"State-owned news site long-standing problems due to the media, the system properties limited, and can't fully implement company operation, make its financing, plus the lack of market limited operation experience, make its business model to a single, profit model not clear." ShenZheYan Suggestions, state-owned news web sites listed, on the one hand, must carry on the system reform, the company's operation, expand financing channel; On the other hand, in order to strengthen the marketing operation ability, profit model diversification, for example, can build the electronic government affairs and by party platform for the government to provide public services and get a fee.

Compared with sina, netease, sohu, tencent 4 big portal commercial website, the business model of single state-owned news website after listed under a lot of pressure of competition. According to information, sina income from Internet advertising most, the fraction from mobile value-added services; Netease most of the income from the network game, and the operation of the E-mail and 163 126 mailbox; Sohu revenue mainly by the brand advertising, online game, wireless value-added three parts; And tencent main operations include Internet value-added services, mobile and value-added communications services and Internet advertising.

ShenZheYan argues that, in the news site in mainstream news and values has not spread to replace the status, state-owned news website will be the government service good publicity platform, through the government to provide public services and get a service fee, also can with its regional information advantage, provide the service life of information.

YuGuoMing said: "state-owned news site advantage lies in the administrative resources and government resources advantage, the listed will existing political advantage into market advantages and content advantage, will existing resources into market resources."

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