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Yesterday, with "new technology and application promote industrial revolution" as the theme of the "2011 China's computer technology conference" was held in Beijing shangri-la hotel. The conference attracted from government related leaders, the domestic and international famous IT enterprise's research and development director, CIO and CTO, enterprise institute for technology and project manager, college senior researchers, and the news media, and other 1000 DuoRen. Its researchers, the state of the Chinese academy of sciences of high performance computer engineering technology research center, XuLu, Intel China research institute President FangZhiXi, shenzhou digital group CTO, dean of the shenzhou digital academy XieYun and IBM China research institute SuHui, vice President of the well-known experts such as the theme, including speech published VMware, H3C, sina, nets imperial China, ali cloud, Compuware, heaven and earth and the cloud, YiDeSi strange, etc, in the domest ic and international famous IT companies represented in the various points of BBS discussion.

This congress to stand in a new information technology competition and key to the commanding heights, the purpose is the combination of independent enterprises set up interaction bridge, and to discuss the new trend of development of IT industry, new features and new problems. The subject covers the whole industry chain around IT, the coolest research field and the hottest technology direction, through the lecture, the question and answer, etc DuoZhong way, explore new technology development path, outstanding share ideas and the exchange of experience. "2011 China's computer technology conference" in addition to the morning peak BBS including beyond, still has three points BBS, involving computing clouds, mobile Internet and content networking three segmentation technology.

2011 years is our country "1025" the beginning of plan. In the national economy and social development plan for 1025 "in, the countries explicitly will develop integrated circuit, content online, mobile Internet, cloud computing, a new generation of information technology to ascend to the strategic height. To speed up a new generation of information technology industry development as an opportunity, our information industry will have of the transformation and upgrade strategic opportunity. The consultant sadie computing clouds white paper "that, over the next three years, cloud computing applications will the government, telecommunications, education, medical treatment, finance, petroleum and petrochemical and power industries as the key point. Cloud computing in China's market is more and more enterprises and institutions, the size of the market will also from 2010 in to $16.731 billion to over 2013 in 117.412 billion yuan, compound annual growth rate of 91.5%.

In computing clouds points on the BBS, ali cloud focused on the Internet enterprise computing clouds the road of innovation; Compuware to share with you the cloud environment application performance quality management experience; H3C is focusing on the construction of the road network cloud ready choice; China's software testing center of experts about cloud computing system testing technology and practice; Heaven and earth, expounds the clouds cloud computing infrastructure technology evolution, VMware technology experts prospect for the cloud computing vision.

Since 2010, the Chinese government has issued a series of things networking industry policy of development related, provinces and cities and industrial park has the relative supporting support policies. "Policy, technology leading, first demand drivers," will be the country's content networking industry development of the main mode. In our country that the standard of key technology and network has a breakthrough, a series of key industries application products also get the promotion. Intelligent transportation, city security, intelligent power grid, and medical treatment and other areas of application will be hot.

In the thing BBS networking technologies, zhongguancun content networking industry league secretary general ZhangJianNing prospects the networking industry development; things Sadie consultant will detail things networking industry in China and technology trends; Tongfang Co., LTD content networking industry vice general manager of the WangEnYong share with us the networking technology trends and innovation that application and development; It bought group described the wonderful purchase wisdom of life; Nets the shenzhou information technology Co., LTD, and we discussed the content of the era of the problem of network security network; Beijing spin extremely information technology Co., LTD. Vice President liu Ming introduces networking and road parking management that the application.

In 2010, apple WiFi version tablet computer, as a representative of the WLAN terminal is regarded as mobile Internet revolution of the beginning. In the PC era, people's work and way of life will change dramatically. Sadie consultant "issued by the China mobile Internet industry white paper map (2011)" point out, China mobile Internet industry present the "area triangle" distribution. Industry key city mainly concentrated in the economy more developed regions, the traditional industry with the layout of the Internet is similar, but it also has its own special features, especially in the enterprise, it is mostly application layer of the traditional Internet enterprise extension, and some focused on the development of telecommunication related the base.

In the mobile Internet developers BBS, pay treasure to solve the user to break through the wireless pay, at the same time the plight of painted the future of wireless payment mode; The W3C Chinese group chairman XieZiBin tells the story of the meta now and in the future; Buying and selling for we treasure reveals the wireless electronic commerce technology difficulty and business process; Touch the scene infinite tell us, the virtual reality technology with the new model will be how to and industrial chain upstream and downstream joint earnings.

Review the development of computer technology history, from the big machine age, to the PC era, to today's computing clouds era, technology revolution has been a driving force of the IT industry. In cloud computing, virtualization, mobile Internet, leading technology, driven by the global IT industry itself is undergoing a profound change. History and reality, tell us the rise of new leading technology, certainly will overturn the original market and industry structure; New market opportunity favors those who have insight and deep technology of business sense, and the development of the enterprise business opportunities belongs to those who can at the proper market window to cash new technology business value enterprise.

In 2011, China's cloud computing, mobile Internet, things such as networking industry showed vigorous development trend. Many second level 3 cities in cloud computing industry planning, and mobile electronic business is more and more users acceptable, about things the exploration of the networking application is gradually to further. This congress hope with every participants discussed the new technology of disruptive, commercial value, development path, etc, in order to focus topic in change of enterprise marketing opportunities to capture period, avoid providing reference and market risk.

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