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Andanh online newspaper directory covers a wide range of areas such as Europe, Asia, and Africa, to mention a few of them. In this article, we are concentrating on the news events of Southern Europe. It is imperative to mention from the onset that the language of use for this particular site is not English.

Therefore, it may not be much of interest to people who do not understand the language. There are different news items sources that you could get from this special site and they are all meant to inform, educate, entertain, and motivate the readers. Some of the sources of news from Southern Europe include +2 Radio, RSTH, Ora, Shijak TV, Top Albania Radio, Top Channel, TV Clan, Deutsche Wellehijak TV, Vizion Plus, Radio Evropa e Lire, Balkan Web, Lajme, Alba News, and Albana Sport. These are few of these news items sources that are listed on Andanh.

Some of these sources are written in other languages apart from the English Language. Therefore, when checking the site, you should know that not all the news items are in English. Most people who visit this site are from Southern Europe, so the language of expression is not really a challenge for them. Let us look at some of these listed sources. There is the Balkan Web which is the first interactive site about the Balkan region. This site gives news and some other information about investment, internet, media, tender, organization, reports, news and press for all the countries that are within the region of Balkan. Albania Sports focuses on the sports story of the region with various news items that are associated with sports activities.

The fact that the sites are not written in English Language is a sort of barrier for non- speakers of the language to comprehend the news items on the sites. For people who are interested in reading Southern Europe news but do not understand the language, the best thing is to visit other sites that are listed in Andanh news directory website and that are expressed in English Language to get the news. There are various sites that are listed in Andanh that focus on news from all over the world. There are news items about events in different places and there are news items about the sports activities of the countries too. Andanh offers some of the best news items that you can find on the internet.

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