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Although, there are lots of sporting media around that offers news on different sports categories, but usually it has been noticed that most of them disseminate news in a way they can understand but not others. It is indeed a dilemma of those news disseminating bodies that are unable to reach their target audience. As we know that news is a combination of four alphabets that signify North, East, West and South, it clearly indicates that news can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Well, coming to the basic point, when we talk about the two different news giants that offer news and information, such as Bettor.com and Cric Info, both are trying their best to provide people with every latest bit of cricket news as the Cricket World Cup season is up. Lets have a brief introduction to both of these sports platforms in terms of news and information dissemination.

When it comes to bettors Cricket News or Cric Infos Cricket News, it is trying to provide people with everything that drops under the category of cricket and that can be a news item; be its about players, teams, analysis, news, articles, reviews, blogs or anything that directly or indirectly relates to cricket. The thorough study of the content available at Bettor and Cric Info reveals that the defending champion Australia is expected to once again take away Cricket World Cup this season too.

The reason being told at bettors cricket news section is that Australia is in full form and it has carried out various mandatory changes in its batting as well as bowling line ups. On the contrary, the two times competing champion, Pakistan has also taken revolutionary steps in order to bring considerable betterment in its team to win the world cup this season.

Certain similar news and analysis has also been witnessed at Cric Infos cricket news section, as their news analysts are of the view that Australia will have a tough time if Pakistan successfully qualifies to the finals of this world cup. Various reasons are there to justify all this, because Pakistan has been practicing a lot not only in test cricket but also in T20 cricket and won the T20 World Cup due to its excellent performance.

Finally, saying that Australia or Pakistan has more bright chances to take away the world cup trophy this season doesnt seem to be a jerk. In the end, if we say that bettor is more into everything that relates to sports as compared to Cric Info that would also be a true statement.

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