Submitting Articles – Why Author Logo, Additional Photo and Potentially Video are Recommended

Modern search engines, such as google, yahoo, msn are in the transformation from pure text processing to imaging scanning and even evaluating movie (good example would be youtube). Obviously each search engine implements it uniquely, but the trend seems to be on the spot. Please think about projecting internet development with human paper press history, where first your saw calligraphy, then printed books with lithography, then black and white photos, later cinematograph. Internet covered this several centuries long path in two decades, and the reason why it took this long period of time is simple internet connection bandwidth slower pacing improvement, which has nothing to do with internet software technologies (such as Netscape, Firefox or MS Internet Explorer)

1. Photo positioning in your article. Consider this these rules: your company logo or author small photo goes above or just below author name. Then allow first paragraph and show article main picture. On most media portals you will have only one or few picture images upload options, and assuming that you target to publish your article in multiple websites you should prepare one illustrating picture only

2. Video Rollick positioning. Video is really a strong point of your article, press release of submitted news and in our opinion short movie should go on the top, below the article header to capture reader attention as he or she is just surfing into your article page

3. Additional search engine optimizations. At this time google seems to be favoring very young media portals, often with life span of several weeks or one or two months, where it finds photo and video news published on a timely manner. This is relatively new development, if you were following google page ranking discussions, it was common for google of 2005 to place new sites into so-called sandbox, where it was cooking news sites and not exposing them on the first ten or more pages of most typical three or four words query results. For you this means that now you may experiment with new and aggressive video blogging, photo and picture articles portals. These experiments should allow your website and friendly materials (read your published articles, which could be the same leads generating pages as your own website) to be optimized from the stand point of turning internet traffic to your products or services

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