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Some considerable part of the stars in the ambitious club of Manchester City, desire the retirement of the manager of the club Roberto Mancini - this is information from the tabloids these days. Judging by the last information the highly paid footballers of the team are disappointed with the Italian and they think that he is not the right man, who will lead the team to big successes. The citizens totally failed during the weekend and lost their visit on Wolverhampton with score 1:2. It was clear in the match that there is a serious tension in the team. As prove for this fact can be given the quarrel between Emmanuel Adebayor and Vincent Kompany during the match. Some tabloids claim that there is not only one argue between the players of Manchester City. Yaya Toure and James Milner are also supposed to have some differences that they had talked about after the match.

A source close to the team said that the players do not respect Mancini and their desire is for his retirement. There is a mess in the team and there is not even one player in the changing-room who likes Roberto. The team spirit is falling apart and as overall no one takes the words of the manager seriously despite the fact that he tries sometimes to be hard and strict. In addition the stars of Manchester do not know who will be the right coach for them but they are certain in their wish to get rid of Mancini, said the source.

Other tabloid revealed, that big part of the footballers from Manchester City did not agree with the play style of the Italian manager. The players are totally confused from the tactics of Roberto and they could not explain some of his acts like the one against Wolves, when Emmanuel Adebayor was replaced by Pablo Sabaleta instead of Jo.

In a meantime the agent of Yaya Toure - Dmitry Selyuk, said that the half is not happy with the fact that the team does not have the required spirit for winning trophies. Yaya thinks that there are some players that are long time in the team and they consider the fourth place as a great achievement for City.

The manager of the ambitious Manchester City Roberto Mancini literally laughed when he heard about the hearsays in the English press that there is a rising against him. After the publications in the press that the Italian coach is not accepted by the players and that the footballers want his retirement from the team, Mancinis comments was short. He said that those hearsays about him are total nonsense and there is nothing against him or his tactics for arranging the play style of the players. One of the main reasons for his retirement by the tabloids was the unusual tactics and play style he offers to the footballers in Manchester City.

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