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Public relations careers are best started by focusing on attaining a degree in public relations or communications. Many large corporations offer in house training in public relations, but those with a degree in this highly competitive field should have a better than average chance of landing a great job in public relations.Here are just a few of the variables:National or local mediaTV, newspaper, radio or magazineNews reporter, features reporter or columnistConsumer magazine or trade journalDaily, weekly or monthly publicationPrint or electronicEach company or organization is different, as is its news. Here are just a few of the variables:Local, national or international operationsPre-scheduled news release, or last-minute reaction to today's news.Product announcement, policy announcement, financial announcementBearing in mind the wide range of news you might announce and the wide range of media targets, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. tends to be the best time of day to release news. U.S. Government agencies and their PR spokespersons have been very critical of news articles, TV and radio news casts similar to this article. They say out of one side of their mouths that stories like this one and others are ludicrous and are not actuate and that it is safe on the federal land they manage, yet from the other side of their mouths they say that it is dangerous or they caution citizens to be extremely careful while on these U.S. lands. Some federal agencies who manage these lands have even erected warning signs pointing out the many dangers that they will likely face should they as Americans enter those areas.According to a U.S. Government official who is not authorized to address this issue told theU.S. Border Fire Report that many of the government bureaucrats are concerned if the public stops using the lands they manage that they fear of losing their government jobs.So even though they must put out some warnings to the public which states some of the danger s they quickly follow it up with statements of how safe it is to recreate on these lands.Here are the facts:Many of these lands are not protected by our government's law enforcement agencies or military. Many claim that our Border Patrol and other federal, state and counties are under manned and under financed. Therefore, according to at least one Arizona sheriff drug cartels now control much of these lands.A segment that does not air on ABC's World News Tonight may air on tomorrow's Good Morning America or be fed to affiliates for use on their local news shows. When a network is on the air twenty-four hours a day, it faces the opposite problem. For example, MSNBC frequently re-airs material aired earlier on its sister broadcast network NBC, and much of the content found in one half hour of CNN's Headline News will reappear the next hour as well until it is displaced with "new" news.The competitors to national network news mentioned in Chapter 1 have influenced newsgathering decisions. The video news services offered by CONUS, Associated Press TV, Reuters, CNN, and other similar organizations are comparable to the national and international news wire services. As a result, many independent (unaffiliated) stations are using material from various satellite services to report on world and national news.

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