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Beijing time May 17 News, according to foreign media reports, Google launched on Monday It (Google new News), users can dig deeper mining related News. New It also add the press and blogs filtering options.

Google official blog says: "for a long time, we realize that push related news sectors existing problem. Of course, if you are interested, you can still easily search to news, record this you can depth excavation related news."

In order to solve the problem, It will now in particular news special column provide a "click click - spreads out" (person knows to -) option. Now, breaking news accounts for only a line, with details below will be introduced, but click on It and news nearby, may launch a related news.

The commencement of news stories at the same time, Google will also display type label, such as "options" or "depth". Better is outspread news, video and reading could also include pictures sidebar, relevant parts links and new share options.

Google also focus news from the original three number increased to six. First delivery of 3 focus news still couldn't customize according to be fond of, but users can select the remaining focus news. Click "News for you" below "intended" (editor) options, the user can cut the News. If no customization, can choose to "Standard" (Standard layout happen).

By default, It with a list of format, but users can customize display for two columns views.

Technology website Roundtable get started, called the new It option is to let users see less news and blogs. In It Settings page, you can choose not to receive, small, normal or more "blog" and "news". But as get started Roundtable said, "now, It blog had indeed into the second-class citizens, users can even filtering completely off blog".

Last week, Google selection in It News can add "near to the function of" phones, user delivery local News.

September this year, It will have 8 birthday. At the appointed time, It from an English language development will become covers 30 languages of 72 version.

Forum guests mainly has Facebook founder Mark ? zack sulzberger (Mark Zuckerberg), Google chief executive Eric schmidt, amazon founder Jeff Bezos BeiZuo yunus (Jeff, etc.

The world's third largest advertising group Publicis chief executive Maurice leroy dimension (Levy) organized the party, said, les dimensions will be hundreds of industry members discussed how to use the Internet to stimulate economic growth.

Another member of the conference organizer told AFP revealed that Mr Sarkozy will be discussed at the meeting how to protect intellectual property rights, the topic of Google is very sensitive, because of the three publishers announced shortly before Google sued French collected books illegally.

Mr Sarkozy will be on May 26 and 27 in Nashville in western France more g8 summit.

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