Datatrend's Top 5 IT Blogs for the Latest Technology Buzz

Staying on top of the IT and technology world can be a fairly substantial challenge to undertake.With advancements taking place every single day, developments in almost every sector of the IT world, one of the single best ways to stay current is through blogs.Once you have made the positive decision to jump on the IT blog bandwagon, a new challenge pops up.Who do you follow? Where should you check every single day? To help with that, we've narrowed it down to our 5 Favorite IT blogs for the latest in IT technology news and buzz:

Slashdot-Hands down one of the most influential, constantly updated and important blogs on the web if you're in love with technology.Slashdot prides themselves on their ability to cover almost every facet of the IT world and in doing so has developed a massive following.

ReadWriteWeb- RWW is one of the hugest and most popular blogs in the world.Every day it's updated with insightful and in-depth analysis of all the latest and greatest IT and Internet industry news.

Mashable- Mashable has more than 40 million monthly pageviews and is without doubt, one of the most important news sites out there.They report breaking web news about all things from Social to Digital Media and beyond.Stay current with everything from startups to network cabling with Mashable.

GuidingTech- More of a blog network than a single blog; articles are published on GuidingTech from every corner of the web, applications, software and similar topics.

Techie-Buzz- Techie Buzz provides visitors to their site a plethora of information on technology and all the latest software and developments.Everything from mobiles, to gadgets to apps, Techie Buzz covers it all. In addition, they've also written hundreds of tutorials and tips.

There you have it! Our most frequented IT blogs that provide us with not only the most current information, but the most entertainment at the same time. Check them out and as always, if you have any you'd love to add to the list, sound off.We're all ears for any and all IT Blogs we should never miss!To learn more about Datatrend's IT services and solutions, or other solutions Datatrend can offer you and your company, please feel free to contact us today!

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