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IT MELA is a way to preserve their own social web like the web, I can many times. Bookmarks are usually stored label, a single word to describe a web page, making it easier for people to find similar bookmarks, or find their saved bookmarks. involves saving bookmarks online, so you can access from any computer and share with others.

There are several websites that allows you to do this: roll, somersault, ma.gnolia and Del.icio.us Del.icio.us (now owned by Yahoo) is one of the most site. When you register with del.icio.us, you must install a special browser button that allows you to add your access to your online bookmark collection, without having to go to the del.icio.us Web site the option of any page.Social any site is important because it can generate traffic in several different ways to use social bookmarking itmela create your own social network.

The latest news on the network video and pictures to vote by the IT MELA society. Breaking technology, politics, pursuit of the news! Have you had an e-mail to a friend or family member, and send them a link to a website, do you think they might find it interesting? If so, you have to participate in social . IT MELA also supports most Web browsers to import , so if you already have a collection of bookmarks on your computer, you do not have to start from scratch, when you set up a del.icio.us account. Once you have added to your del.icio.us account (via mail or import), you can use packet classification label and organize your Is a label used by most of the main features of the social bookmarking site. Tags are like keywords, you can use it to browse or search your collection. MELA is easy to share your. You can create a network, or else you would like to share del.icio.us users can use the built-in RSS feed of any people on the network to share your bookmarks.

What is IT MELA - social bookmarks?Social bis a community website to save a to use the keyword "tag" them to practice. the other hand, economic practice, in the future you want your computer to access a Web site address. To create a collection of you register a place of social , it allows you to store add tags of your alternatives, and designated as public or private personal Some sites periodically verify thatstill work, notify users when a URL no longer works. To the social site visitors can search for keywords, or reputation of individuals and resources, registered users have created and saved public , tags, and classification schemes. This is the mark a site and save it for subsequent reference. Rather than reducing them to your web

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