S60v2 Renaming Trick

Long time ago, I have read a trick about renaming applications on my one and only N6600. That has been quite hard and it took me a hard time figuring out how it really works. Finally I did and everytime I have new applications in my phone, I change its name to my desired name. It helped me reduce confusions and it's kinda cool because my friends are amazed on how I've change the name of each of my applications. Now, I'll gonna share it in my own way.

This trick works on s60v2 devices like n6600, n6630, n6680, n70 etc.

Requirements: 1. S60v2 mobile phone 2. File explorer like xplore. If you don't have an Xplore application yet, you may download it at or

Steps 1. Open menu by pressing menu key. 2. Move the application you want to rename in the first row, first column of the screen. 3. Open your file explorer and go to E:system/apps. 4. Rename any folder in this directory(just add a letter). 5. Immediately after rename, press menu key and point the cursor in a folder then press option (a number of choices appear including rename). 6. Wait until refresh (a refresh will occur because of the change we made on a folder in E:system/apps ) 7. When you notice that the cursor points automatically to the file in the first row first column, which is the application you want to rename, it means the phone refreshed. 8. Choose rename and have fun creating a cool and unique file name.

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